Product Information

Hand Guided Rollers H550KS/H600KS/H650KS   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ ハンドガイド式 H600/H650
Suitable for low viscosity materials such as gravel and sand
Improved daily maintainability thanks to resin made full open cover

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Ride-on Vibration Rollers KV25CS/KV25DS   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV25CS/KV25DS
Effective in urban area
Certified for European Visibility Safety Standard 1 x 1
Tier 3 emission regulation compliant and super low-nose construction equipment
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Ride-on Vibration Rollers KV40CS/KV40DS, KV40CSi/KV40DSi   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Applicable for the various job sites
Enabling efficient work with high safety and operability features 
Realized easier maintainability thanks to durable impeller-type sprinkler pump
KV40CSi and KV40DSi are with Tier 4 Certified engine which generates the highest 25kW output

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Tire Roller KT30S   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Ideal for constructions in urban area and small-scale pavement
Removable water/oil spray nozzle with a single action

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Crawler Washer CW200

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Crawler washing robot dramatically reduce man-hour and cost, and contributing for the health and safety
Save up to 80% of cost including electricity/water/labor fees

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