Product Information

Hand Guided Rollers H550KS/H600KS/H650KS   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ ハンドガイド式 H600/H650
Suitable for low viscosity materials such as gravel and sand
Improved daily maintainability thanks to resin made full open cover
LED side lights are very useful for night work (option)

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NEW!   Ride-on Vibration Rollers KV15CS   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Ideal for small scale paving, parking lots, pavement construction
Easy to transport, can be loaded on a 2-ton truck utilizing a standard equipped lifiting arm 
Small machine but with big enough 18.2kW output engine

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Ride-on Vibration Rollers KV25CS/KV25DS   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV25CS/KV25DS
Effective in urban area
Certified for European Visibility Safety Standard 1 x 1
Tier 3 emission regulation compliant and super low-nose construction equipment
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Ride-on Vibration Rollers KV40CS/KV40DS, KV40CSi/KV40DSi   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Applicable for the various job sites
Enabling efficient work with high safety and operability features 
Realized easier maintainability thanks to durable impeller-type sprinkler pump
KV40CSi and KV40DSi are with Tier 4 Certified engine which generates the highest 25kW output

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Tire Roller KT30S   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Ideal for constructions in urban area and small-scale pavement
Two-speed motor allows speed mode switching
Standard diff-lock system, ensuring safety on rough terrain

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Tire Roller KT40S   Super Low-noise model

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Only KANTO has this class tire roller in the industry
Thanks to the articulated steering system, you have no drive feel difference from 4 ton vibration rollers
Realize fast and satisfactory job

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Crawler Washer CW200

振動ローラ塔乗式 KV40CS/KV40DS
Crawler washing robot dramatically reduce man-hour and cost, and contributing for the health and safety
Save up to 80% of cost including electricity/water/labor fees

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