Company information

Message from the President

KANTO TEKKO was established in 1984 as a parts-supplying company for the famed international roller manufacturers. Since then, utilizing our world class technology, we have accumulated experiences and achievements, and we now supply a series of compactors as well as their main parts.  We also manufacture and sell the machines uniquely developed by ourselves such as crawler washers.

To reduce environmental burdens and create a sustainable society with good compatibility between the environment and economic activity, 3Rs are very important key words: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. As a part of environmental efforts, which are also focused on 3Rs, we have been engaged in the manufacturing of emission control devices in the past and in the remanufacturing of used equipment at present. Such high-quality remanufactured equipment is offered to many rental companies for their rental or retail purposes at lower costs.

Maintaining such good cooperative relationships with manufacturers and rental companies, we work very hard to raise work efficiency of customers machines working at their job sites. Making the best use of know-how we have cultivated over the years, we are determined to produce products wholeheartedly to satisfy our customers.

We would like to ask for your continued support.

Chairman of the Board, Tsunenori Suzuki
Representative Director, President and CEO, Shunya Hashimoto

Chairman of the Board
Tsunenori Suzuki

Representative Director
President and CEO
Shunya Hashimoto

Company Profile

Company nameKANTO TEKKO Co., Ltd.
Capital40 million yen
Company PresidentShunya Hashimoto
Business Place■ Head office / Factory
 852-4 Shimo-Katata, Koga City, Ibaraki 306-0127 Japan
 TEL +81 (0)280 77 0081   FAX +81 (0)280 77 0080
Business activities■Compaction Equipment
 Production, assembly and sales of Tandem Rollers, Combined Rollers, Tire Rollers, Hand Guided Rollers
, assembly and sales of crawler washer (automatic water jet cleaning machine for crawler mounted machinery)

Company history

1984Established as a parts-supplying company for BOMAG Germany
1985Started to supply parts and components to BOMAG Japan

Established the compaction department, started to develop and manufacture original tire rollers and macadam rollers


Released tire roller and macadam roller at the same time, started OEM supply of both types of rollers for Furukawa Co., Ltd.

1991Developed crawler washer (robot to wash the undercarriage of various heavy equipment)
1992Released crawler washer "CW20"
1993Increased the capital to 40 million yen
1995Released torque converter tire roller “PT20W”
1996Released 3 models of compacting equipment: tire roller “PW20WA”, “PT20WA” and macadam roller “M1F” that conform to the first emission control regulation
Released emission control unit for heavy equipment “DCR-650E” (construction technology assessment system No.96302) developed in conjunction with
1999Exhibited a new model of macadam roller “M1-II” at CONET ‘99 (construction machinery exhibition)
2001Established a website

Launched rental business

Started the sales of particle matter reduction device for diesel vehicle designated by 8 capital prefecture cities 

2004Achieved the sales of 2,000 sets of emission control unit for heavy equipment
2006Released crawler washer “CW25”
2009Released hand guided rollers “H600/H650”, 4-ton combined roller “KV40C” and tandem roller “KV40D”
2010Released 3-ton tire roller “KT30”, 2.5-ton combined roller “KV25C” and tandem roller “KV25D”
Registered to NETIS, released super low-noise vibration rollers “KV25CS/DS” and “KV40CS/DS”
Released 4-ton vibration rollers “KV40CSE” and “KV40CSi/DSi”
Became a subsidiary of CKK group by the acquisition
Registered to NETIS, released super low-noise hand guided rollers “H600KS / H650KS” and 3-ton tire roller “KT30S”

Released super low-noise hand guided roller “H550KS”
Released Dynapac vibration rollers CA series for civil engineering
Released the industry's first electric powered hand guided roller "H600E"
2019Relocate the head office and two factories to the new combined premises
Exhibited a new "HYBRID" 4-ton tandem roller at CSPI-EXPO (Construction & Survey Productivity Improvement EXPO)
Released crawler washer "CW200" in November
2021Introduced "Automatic emergency brake device" on the combined vibration rollers "KV40CSE" and "KV25CS"
Introduced a combined type hand guided rollers (hard rubber rolled on the rear drum) on "H600KS" and "H650KS"
Released articulated 4-ton tire roller "KT40S" 
"Emergency Brake System" which can be installed on KV40 series, KV25 series and KT40S has been patented officially by Japan Patent Office.
Released 1.8-ton combined roller "KV15CS"
Director of Sales & Marketing Shunya Hashimoto named President, President Tsunenori Suzuki named Chairman (as of April 1st)