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Message from the President


KANTO TEKKO was established in 1984 as a parts supplier for international roller manufacturers. Since then, we have accumulated experience 

and achievements using world class technology. We also manufacture and sell proprietary machines such as crawler type washers.

3R is a very important keyword of reduction, recycling, recycling, in order to create a sustainable society that reduces environmental burden and enables compatibility between the environment and economic activities. As part of our environmental efforts centered on 3R, we are working on the manufacture of past exhaust gas control devices and the reuse of existing used machines.

High-performance secondhand machines are offered at low cost to many rental companies for rental and sale.

By maintaining a good cooperative relationship with the manufacturer and borrowing a company, we are making great efforts to increase the efficiency of the end user of the machine at the construction site. In order to take full advantage of the know-how we have cultivated over many years, we have decided to produce the product in full to satisfy our customers.

I would like to ask your continued support.

Representative Director and President of Suzuki-Tsunenori

Company Profile

company nameKANTO TEKKO Co., Ltd.
capital40 million yen
Business Place■ Head office / factory
 Ibaraki - Ken, Koga City, Osaki 41-14
 TEL 0280-77-0081 FAX 0280-77-0080
■Sakama factory
Business activities■Compression device
 Production, assembly and sales of(Vibration roller, Tire roll etc.)
Manufacture, assembly and sale of original maintenance equipment for heavy machinery (crawler washer)
Manufacture, assembly and sale of original compression equipment (vibration roller)

Company history

1984Established as a parts supplier in BOMAG Germany
1985Start of parts supply to BOMAG Japan
1986Established compaction division, started development and manufacture of original tire roller and macadam roller
1988Both tire rollers and macadam rollers are released at the same time, OEM supply of both type rollers of Furukawa Co., Ltd. is started.
1991Developed a crawler type washing machine (a robot that washes basement of various heavy equipment)
1992Crawler washer "CW 20" released
1993Capital increased to 40 million yen
1995Release of Torque Converter Tire Roller "PT 20W"
1996Release of three models of tire rollers "P20WA" and "PT20WA" conforming to the primary exhaust gas regulation and "M1F" macadam roller
Released "DCR-650E" (Construction Technology Evaluation System No. 96302) for heavy machinery jointly developed with Tokyo Loki Co., Ltd.
1999New model "M1-II" of macadam roller is announced at CONET '99 (construction machine exhibition)
2001Open own website
2003Start rental business
Start selling 8 particulate matter reduction devices for designated municipally designated diesel vehicles
2004Achieve sales of 2,000 exhaust control devices for heavy machinery
2006Crawler washer "CW 25" released
2009Release of vibration roller "H600 / H605" 4 ton combined roller "KV 40 C", 4 ton tandem roller "KV 40 D"
20103 ton tire roller "KT 30", 2.5 ton converter "KV 25 C", 2.5 ton tandem roller "KV 25 D" released

Registered in NETIS, release ultra-low noise vibration rollers "KV 25 CS / DS" and "KV 40 CS / DS"
Release of HAMM's vibration roller 3000 series for civil engineering work

Release of vibration rollers CA series for civil engineering made by Dynapac
Release of the industry's lightest ultra-low noise type hand guide roller "H550KS"
Industry's first electric powered hand guide roller "H600E" released

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